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Survival Tips for Publishers Offering Creative Marketing Services

Publishers everywhere are jumping on the creative marketing services bandwagon, but how do you make it a profitable venture?

In this recent webinar video, we provide answers to many publishers’ top concerns about launching a marketing division:

Christie Calahan, Mirabel Technology's Marketing Director, has worked at The New York Times' in-house creative marketing department and has 10 years of major agency experience working on Fortune 500 brands. She has also been a partner in two successful tech companies.

Nathan Cenovski, Senior Account Executive for Mirabel's Marketing Manager, has focused his entire career on software and technology. Currently he is equipping several Magazine Manager and Newspaper Manager clients with affordable tools to help them master marketing.

This special presentation is brought to you by Mirabel Technologies - The Next Generation of Automation.

  1. How to bill for marketing services
  2. What agencies are currently charging
  3. How to write a creative brief & why they work
  4. How to stretch resources without hiring
  5. Tools you need to show ROI
  6. Resources to make you an expert

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